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Dan Radzikowski New York City midtown voice teacher and vocal coach online singing



  • What do you do, Dan?

Great question!  I love to help people become better singers and performers by focusing on their body use and awareness to improve their singing voices.  I then have students apply that to whatever songs they like to sing, whether that's Broadway, classical repertoire, rock- you name it!  I've worked with Broadway actors, high school students auditioning for college performing arts programs, and adults that just want to sound better at karaoke!  

  • Do I need to bring an accompanist with me to a voice lesson?

No, because in addition to being a voice teacher, I am also a vocal coach and music director, which means I am able to play the piano accompaniment for songs that you might want to work on and apply the vocal work that we do in a lesson to.

  • Do you teach voice lessons online if I don't live in the New York City area?

I do!  I teach online voice lessons via Zoom, Skype and FaceTime, whichever works best for your situation!  In using Zoom, students will receive a video link recording of the lesson to be able to practice with after the lesson is completed.  

  • Are you able to help me prepare for my college musical theatre or vocal program auditions?

Absolutely!  I have prepared students for these types of auditions before, and have students at Boston University, Emerson, NYU, Vassar, Juilliard, and many other schools!  

Dan Radzikowski New York City Midtown Manhattan voice teacher and vocal coach online singing
  • I have graduated from college, and I am looking to audition for professional productions.  Can you help me prepare for that?

Yes!  I can help you prepare your audition book for musical theatre auditions, work on finding 16-bar and 32-bar cuts that suit you as an actor, professionally edit and prepare your sheet music for you to take with you on auditions, and find repertoire that will help you to get cast!

  • Where is the Dan Radzikowski Vocal Studio located?

Another great question!  It is located at 853 7th Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10019.  To schedule a lesson, please e-mail me at or visit

Photo Credit:  Lorah Haskins Photography

  • What do you do in a voice lesson? 

A typical Dan voice lesson is about 1/2 warm-up/working on vocal technique and 1/2 singing songs.  I like to think of the first half hour as being akin to a ballet barre in a ballet class.  You wouldn't go to a ballet class and just start dancing a ballet combination across the floor.  It is important to stretch and strengthen the voice, and I view it as being essential to how I teach and communicate.        

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